Difference Between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

India is a country with major business goals. Today all the millionaires and billionaires are the ones who have acclaimed their status and grandeur in the business arena. Business is not a new-age sensation, it is being practised in India since centuries.

When we talk about business, a variety of picture reverberate in our mind. From a simple snack vendor to a multinational company all belong to the business world. For upholding a proper business, the founders or say the entrepreneur come up with several strategies to carry on their business and work in its growth.

One such major strategy upon which a good business depends upon is Marketing. Marketing of the goods or services that the business hosts.  

Now marketing has got various types and kinds. However, the major talk about is the techniques of marketing. Earlier, marketing included posters, pamphlets, hoardings, etc. But today, as the virtual space is gaining momentum marketing has been taken up to the digital world to reach out to the audience at large.

Invention and technology have added up to the marketing techniques of various business and start-ups today. The traditional method of marketing is outdated and earnest but the digital strategy of marketing is innovative and fresh. Upon these two methods of marketing, there is always a flaming debate of which one being the fruitful one. In this article, we will have a brief learning experience about the two methods of marketing, which wets them apart and which one should you prefer. 

What is Digital marketing 

When we talk about Digital Marketing the first thing that pops up in our mind is the Internet. The Internet has grown up in such a pace that it has stirred all the tired strategies and techniques of business, communicating and connecting.

Digital marketing is that form of marketing which takes place in an electronic medium like smartphone or laptops or PCs using the Internet. The internet is home is immeasurable space of communication and connection. Marketing is all about connecting with the right audience for the promotion of your goods or services.

The method of Digital Marketing has not be very old but the impact it is causing has shaken up the business world. The use of the internet has given flame to such enormous use of Digital Marketing.

A maximum number of people these days are active in digital space and reaching them is not a big issue because of social media and it’s influence.

There are many strategies that are included in the digital marketing. There are content marketing, content writing, website building, email campaigns, Search Engine Optimization, and a lot more to add to the list. In spite of being fresh and innovative, there is a set of pros and cons of digital marketing.

Pros and cons of Digital marketing 

The technique of digital marketing is very raw and creative with less hassle and more fruitful results. With several evolving technology and new software coming up every single day, digital marketing has become an extremely profitable process of marketing out your business or services. However, like every other stuff, digital base marketing also comes up with a set of advantages and disadvantages. Let’s have a brief lookout on them


  • More engagement: By using digital marketing techniques, one thing which is assured is that your business is reaching the targeted audience. We are living in a digital age and today half of the population is completely an internet boff. And in such a huge ratio, it is beneficial to promote your products or business in a digital space where connectivity is such enormous.
  • Monitor your campaign: While marketing through the internet or virtual space, it is quick to monitor the needs and wants of your audience. By taking note of the requirements of the audience, it is easy to get an understanding of marketing strategies and products promotions.
  • Cost-efficient: One of the most basic reasons for opting digital marketing is it is very cost-efficient. It hardly requires any investment. Sending out email campaigns and SMS promotions can save a lot of money which can be used in other purposes.
  • Tracking Audience: Another important advantage of digital marketing is it helps you track the right audience who is in the lookout of your product or service, thus ensuring greater service and high digital marketing.


  • Annoying Digital Ads: Digital marketing hosts several ranges of classifieds and advertisement along with the marketing tactics. This digital ad pops up every time you try to work a digital space say a social media platform, the advertisement of your previous browser pops up in between. This may cause annoyance at times.
  • Constant upgrades: The digital space is such a thing which requires constant upgrades and evolution so that it works better in a more efficient way. For hassle-free working and much benefits, regular upgrades are necessary. At times it might be a bit tricky but after constant learning and experience on digital marketing, it t may turn out to conventional.
  • Temporary: Another disadvantage of digital marketing is that Google ads, classifieds and promotional videos are very easy to ignore and are easily discarded. As a result of which the promotion of services or products fails to reach the targeted audience. 

What is Traditional Marketing 

Traditional marketing involves all the old and ancient methods of promoting a service or product. It includes billboards, printed media, pamphlets, posters, hoardings, and lot more. Basically, all the marketing techniques which do not encompass the use of the internet is regarded as Traditional marketing.

Traditional marketing was trending until the ’90s. Then when the Internet era dropped in, the entire interface of marketing transformed. The traditional form of marketing had been on use since decades but are of any demand today. Traditional marketing tactics include Newspaper classifieds, Magazine prints, radio and television commercials postcards, filers, etc. Like digital marketing, the traditional form of marketing has got its own the pros and cons.

Pros and cons of Traditional marketing 

As the digital era veiled up the business world, the traditional form of marketing kind of got degraded. Although at a time, it was a highly influential and fruitful form of marketing but with the transforming technology and tactics, the traditional form of marketing has taken up the back seat. Nonetheless, traditional marketing is still a typical part of consumer’s day to day life. Although the conventional form of marketing is quite an expensive thing, it is still productive for business and products promotions. Like digital marketing, traditional marketing has got its own advantages and disadvantages;


  • More permanent: Printed advertisements are more permanent than digital classifieds. The printed posters and articles about any products or services remain until the newspaper or filers are recycled. There are more chances for them to come in contact with the audience.
  • Easy to understand: Television commercials and pamphlets are very much efficient because they are easy to see and grasp whatever they are saying. At times they are entertaining and hence gains popularity to the products or business.
  • More profitable: People are very fond of television and newspapers and seeing something in real life gives them a better memory of such business or product. Hence to enormous business and companies, the traditional way of marketing is very much profitable. Producing billboards, flyers, commercials and classifieds are more beneficial to gain a local audience.
  • Multiple appearances: The best part about the traditional form of marketing is that it appears multiple times in a newspaper or magazine or on television or on the radio. As a result of which it keeps on popping up in audiences views several times thus adding to the promotion of services or products.


  • Expensive: Traditional way of marketing can result out to be an expensive form of marketing. Printing classifieds on magazines or newspapers cost the business a bomb. The printing of billboards, hoardings and flyers are very expensive. Even sending of a postcard to every local audience is highly costly. 
  • Late results: Another disadvantage of traditional marketing is that the results that it brings out are quite a time taking. It takes a month of advertising to take the product or service to a proper number of audience. It also fails to reach the targeted audience. 

Difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing

When we talk about Digital marketing vs. Traditional marketing, there is a plethora of difference that pops off in our head. The foremost of which can be the difference of medium. Traditional marketing uses the old yet efficient methods of promotion which includes print media, television, radio, billboards, etc. In the traditional form of marketing, you have to make usage of newspapers, magazines, etc. It does not mean that traditional marketing is no more profitable. The traditional form of marketing is still in demand for local business marketing. 

Digital marketing is the next case is internet-based marketing where the use of websites, virtual space is given more priority. Although it is a cheap form of marketing, it has got its own flaws. Digital space is very vast these days and when it comes to digital marketing versus traditional marketing, the competition is cut-throat.

The second difference between digital marketing and traditional marketing is that in the traditional form of marketing, the medium of promotion takes you directly to an audience at the local level whereas, in digital form of marketing, you can take up your promotion to a global level. 

Thirdly when we talk about the difference between traditional marketing versus online marketing, the next comparison that pops up is the traditional form of marketing, there is the direct interaction between the customer and the business holder, whereas, in online marketing, the physical presence of the business holder doesn’t count at all. 

The next difference between traditional marketing and internet marketing is that a traditional form of marketing is quite expensive as compared to internet marketing. In fact, traditional marketing gives result quite after a lot of investment of time and money. Whereas internet marketing gives profitable results with short span of marketing. Moreover, online marketing is quite eco-friendly and economical as it hardly gives any paper-based advertising.

Which is better to use

The comparison between online marketing and traditional marketing is a never-ending debate. As a business holder, it is up to your convenience to opt for the marketing tactics that you use. For petty start-ups and business, traditional marketing is highly productive because it gives access to the local audience which get enticed to local services or products. But for titanic business and enterprises, digital marketing is the most efficient and profitable form of marketing. It gives access to the global audience with few advertisements. 

The budding generation is internet buff and is a puppet of online marketing tactics. To the new-age start-ups and businesses, digital marketing is their way out. However, if you want to access the older audience, the traditional form of marketing is the best form of promotion and advertising.