Top 11 Digital Marketing courses in Bangalore

Commerce is catching up to be very internet dependent. From the consumers to the companies, both have been using the internet heavily to manage various tasks better and as well as better sell the products.

E-commerce has grown profoundly and provides innumerable advantages to all parties from making things more cost-efficient to reach the most remote customer, this paying a tremendous role in the globalization of the world.

One thing is clear that e-commerce is here to stay, and companies need to be adept with it to better their survival. This benefits you in several ways. If you are an entrepreneur, then no better time existed to scale your business. If you are looking for well-paying jobs, no skill set is more in demand than various marketing know-how regarding how to sell the product in this digital age better. Either way, you are set for success if you have strong skills when it comes to digital marketing.

There is various digital marketing institute in Bangalore that teach you the tricks of the trades. This article will inform you about these institutions that deliver appropriate digital marketing courses in Bangalore. These institutes have garnered much credibility and are much respected because of their excellence in teaching standards.

The list has been shortlisted after much scrutiny. The institute offers in-depth knowledge about various technical topics to empower you with the latest information that you will need for success. Each of these institutes has its own USP and stands out for providing credible tutorials that include everything there is to know about digital marketing.Digital Marketing courses in Bangalore


Inventateq provides the best digital marketing courses in Bangalore. The classroom training and the courses are taught online and are guided by an instructor. The instructor guides so that you get a clear understanding of the subject. This gives a lot of flexibility to the students, who can access it from any corner of the world and need to waste time on unnecessary travelling. If you are looking for jobs in this field, then this institute can be of great help as it provides 100 per cent support for jobs, thus easing your worry and the hassle of you going out to look for one. If you complete courses from this institute, then they provide certifications that are recognized all around the globe.

Digital Academy 360 

This institute is well recognized for the quality of the courses it provides. This digital marketing course in Bangalore are focused on making you adept with all the latest happenings in this subject and is very job oriented. The institute has partnered with over 250+ enemies to get you the best options when you are looking to get hired. The institute is spanned across India by having over ten centers of excellence. It has to its credit of training over 20000 students in the subject.

Learn Digital Academy

There is no more prominent authority in digital space than Google, and this academy helps you to earn certification from the same. It teaches students through live case studies to help them better grasp the knowledge and learn various tips that might go amiss otherwise. The mules that are provided by the institute are comprehensive. It also offers multiple workshops and training facilities for senior professionals to bring them up to date with the latest happenings in this subject area. The certifications provided to them by the best digital marketing training institute in Bangalore are of global standards. Therefore, you can be sure that you are receiving the best education available.

Training Bangalore

This institute offering digital marketing training in Bangalore claims to be one of the best when it comes to providing highly technical courses. It provides the students with a great platform to work on projects in real-time to ensure concrete learning. The courses which are provided are done so to help you make a mark in your career. They have institutes located not only in the city of Bangalore but also in Chennai. 


What makes this the best digital marketing institute in Bangalore and stand out from the crowd is that it is an initiative by a team of experienced professionals. They have excelled in very reputed institutes such as IIT and IIM. This is bound to ensure that the knowledge that you receive will provide you with an edge over the others. It offers various courses that touch on subjects like advanced PHP training, training in google AdWords. If you are eager to learn how to make websites, then they also offer courses for the same.

If you are looking for courses that have been certified by a university, then this is a great option. The courses offered by this university have been approved by Jain University, which has been declared a deemed to be university by the government agencies. This institute provides the top digital marketing courses in Bangalore. It also has been awarded as the digital consultant for the year, offering over 25+ certifications in various courses of your desire. It also provides students to work on live projects to give them practical knowledge. It contains 100% assistance to the students to find the perfect placement. If you are looking for a flexible class schedule, which you can take any time on the internet, then this can be an excellent option for you. If you are staying in Bangalore, you must search for a digital marketing course near me on Google. You will see that this institute is ranked amongst the top-notch digital marketing training institute across the city. 


IMRI or Internet and Mobile Research Institute brings to you learning programs that are experiential and designed to make learning by doing. It places great emphasis on solving challenges that are faced in the real world by an entrepreneur to as big companies as the fortune 500. They follow a specially designed framework to enable you with the best practices and various strategies that are employed by multiple reputed digital facilities. It emphasizes on one to one coaching, which is personal and gives great clarity on the subject and helps you create a solid foundation.


OMiT or Online Marketing Institute, and Training gets the best of experts to train you with sound technical knowledge and helps you get certified by Google itself. It also puts in a great effort to find you the best possible placement based on the skills that you have acquired. To ensure that the foundations are strong, it teaches in limited batches up to 6 people. It is spread across seven branches.

eMarket Education

If you are looking for an institute to receive an in-depth understanding of the subject in as long as three months, you can earn yourself certifications by Google with the help of the experienced teachers. It brings you the latest of the curriculum. It gives the students an excellent opportunity to work on live projects so they can have a practical understanding of how effective marketing works. Students get a chance at a paid internship, which you can add to your portfolio.


The institute is highly recommended for its years of expertise. It applies to teach the students the subject. Their training method is very refined and aimed to create a powerful impact on your minds if you aspire to have a successful career. It provides classes that are customized for you to the best of learning and solutions for online learning. The certification courses also provide you with mock tests so that you can test your skills before the exams and also provides after course engagements to take care of any doubts you might have.


The institute claims to be setting the standards in the education of digital marketing. All their students have experienced a positive impact on them. It has a high rate of placement for its students. Not only it provides advanced courses in digital marketing, but it also provides courses in web development and design. 

The institute offers flexibility to you. You have the freedom to opt for weekday courses or weekend courses, whichever suits you better. You can also avail the courses online for better convenience. The courses it offers range from Advanced SEO, Google AdWords, social media marketing to analytics, and strategies. You will get an advantage over your competitors through excellent analysis so you can become an expert in Google AdSense. The students also learn email marketing and mobile marketing always to achieve your target.

Always do detailed research before finalizing the institute you opt for—research on their reviews and customer experiences of the courses. You can also have a trial to experience what the courses might be like. You can also reach out to each of the institutes personally and have a detailed conversation with them to understand which one will fit you the best and what course you should opt for. Also, make sure that you are choosing the right path after completing the course to excel in your life. So, make the best use of the knowledge that you are gaining here.