Top 11 Digital Marketing Courses in Kolkata

Digital marketing courses in Kolkata have gained a lot of attention and queries in recent times. The reason behind this is the change in the economy. The economy is going truly global as it develops into a digital economy. More and more companies are investing heavily in this sector to achieve a variety of goals, such as branding and sales. As the companies are increasingly looking to enhance their digital image and activities, there is a lot of potential for students who are looking for high paying jobs as well as for people who aspire to be entrepreneurs and create a business that is successful as well as dominant. 

There are several digital marketing training institute in Kolkata that offers excellent courses in all subjects of digital marketing and web development. These institutes are credible and offer courses that cover a wide range of subjects. These institutes providing digital marketing in Kolkata have expert teachers who have command on various complicated and technical topics. They hold your hand through the entire journey and put in great effort to make the students understand everything they need to know to excel. They also offer placements assistance and all necessary certifications to help you land the job you have always dreamed of. This article has a list of the best of these institutes. 

Vision Upliftment Academy

Vision Upliftment Academy, located in the IT hub of Kolkata city, provides exceptional digital marketing courses. This digital marketing institute in Kolkata focuses on cultivating creative sensibilities for solving problems and thinking out of the box to achieve the goals. The courses are open to everybody, from students to working professionals as well as entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurs can derive great advantage through such courses. The courses are taught by experts in the industry, who have immense experience in working on a variety of projects. The methodology used to teach the courses is interactive and has a significant impact on the mind. The institute covers a range of courses. It provides expert training from social media marketing to SEO. They also teach web designing and have courses on cybersecurity.

Acesoftech Academy

Acesoftech Academy is one of the more premier institutes that offer a variety of courses in subjects of digital marketing. They provide expert teaching in the development of web and web services. It also helps students to learn web design. The organization offers a variety of methods such as offline courses and online courses that you can use at your convenience. It also provides quality corporate training; they can be of great help to your company. You can depend on them to receive training which is high in quality and information. Its courses are not limited to just digital marketing. They offer various technical courses, which include Python and Java. It also helps students to learn the development of android based applications. They also provide a digital marketing course in Kolkata with placement to all the professionals who are looking forward to pursuing their career in this industry.

Seven Boats Academy

Seven Boats Academy has excellent hands-on training programs. If you are a working professional, you also have competent online training options, including webinars and various tools that would be required for you to succeed. This institute helps you get exposure by giving you a chance to work on live projects. The institute assures 100 % placement, which is excellent for those looking to have successful jobs in this sector. Through this institute, you will learn to create strategies that will help to take your business and job profile to new heights. The trainers teach you to have sound technical knowledge. The syllabus covers the latest subjects and topics. To add to your convenience, the courses are available with the option of easy monthly installments, which can be availed without any additional interest. You can check the digital marketing course fees in Kolkata by visiting their official website.

Calcutta Media Institute

Calcutta Media Institute was conceptualized in 2011 to make professionals ready for the dynamic digital industry. The institute is a subsidiary wholly owned by ABP Pvt Ltd, a media group in eastern India. They teach students unknown facets of communication, digital marketing training Kolkata, media, and entertainment industry. The institute collaborates with various other reputed universities and institutes to bring you the best in class education in subjects such as broadcast management, integrated marketing communication management, and such. A variety of courses are available, which can be availed even online. If students are looking for short term courses, then the institute can also help them. There are certification programs such as professional certificate courses and also post-graduate diploma digital marketing course Kolkata.

White hat Academy

White hat Academy claims to provide you with the best possible information and knowledge in a variety of technical fields such as SEO, PPC. It also offers courses concerning marketing on social media and the digital space at large. The most significant advantage of this institute is that it gives a chance to work on various international projects. This is do0ne to make students learn how to tackle any problem which may come their way. The students are trained through practical assignments, which help them to discover various tricks. They also offer assistance in helping you secure a job once your course is complete. The training is provided by professionals who are certified by Google and experts in their subjects. There are options for flexible classes for professionals who are working and find it challenging to manage time.

W3 Web School

W3 Web School places great emphasis on simplicity. It is focused on learning, which is easy and straightforward. The institute’s tutorials provide basic courses such as well as professional courses in a variety of subjects. It is primarily focused on developers. The website is filled with a variety of references and tutorials of various subjects such as web design, SEO Training, WordPress training, digital marketing and also teaches coding languages like HTML5 and CSS 3. It covers most of the aspects of web programs. , The institute offers courses with flexible plans of payment; you have the option to take courses through low cost installments. It also provides money-back guarantees. Every student gets study materials free. The institute also prepares you for interviews. There is an option of demo classes

Karmick Institute

Karmick Institute has courses that are designed to meet the current trends of the market. It holds your hands in your journey in the fields of web programming and development. It teaches you myriad subjects such as web design, UI and UX, application development in platforms such as android and IOS, and so on. Along with a guarantee of placement assistance, it also offers students of merit the option of scholarships. It also provides training for business houses and trains their employees to excel at digital. The materials of the courses are tailored to suit the requirements.


Advanced Institute of Digital Marketing or AIDM aspire to educate and make people aware of various technology and how we can utilize it to enhance our business. It offers courses that are comprehensive and covers a variety of disciplines, such as the optimization of search engines, marketing on social media, management of reputation online. It also offers courses on email marketing, content marketing, and so on.

Internet marketing school

Internet marketing school has a high reputation as an institute that brings for its students the best courses of digital marketing in the city of Kolkata. The courses are for students and as well as entrepreneurs. The institute also helps corporate in training their employees about intricate aspects of digital marketing. It places a great emphasis on strategies to solve problems and excel.


Delhi School of Internet Marketing or DSIM has the privilege to be a premier partner to the internet giant Google. It teaches its students various marketing strategies that will help you excel in the internet economy. It allows you to get certified by google in different advertising and analysis modules.

Kolkata Web Academy

Kolkata Web Academy is a reputable institute providing the best digital marketing course in Kolkata. They give a chance to the students to work on live projects and thus learn from hands-on experience. The courses it offers, such as SEO, PPC, SMO, and more, are an excellent opportunity for students to achieve great success in the new digital economy.

Compete Infotech academy

Compete Infotech Academy offers credible digital marketing training in Kolkata. Besides courses focused on students, it also provides courses for corporate houses to help them stay on top of this digital wave in the economy. It gives its students various tools and workshops to help them learn multiple hidden tricks of digital marketing. It has short term courses on subjects such as SEO, SEM, and such. It provides students who have completed its courses with various certificates that are recognized globally.

These are some of the best digital marketing institutes in Kolkata that offer digital marketing training.