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SEO Course in Pune

In most simple terms SEO is Search Engine Optimization. It is used to divert more traffic towards your website which will help you gain more and more customers. This helps improve the visibility of your website for relevant searches made on the engine. The search engines can be Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. SEO has many aspects like the content on your webpage, the keywords used and the mechanism by which it links to other websites.

If you are in search of a budget-friendly and promising SEO training institute in Pune, then you have come to the right platform.

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About SEO Classes in Pune

Search engine optimization is a marketing strategy which mainly embodies both technical and productive aspects to optimize your web site. It intensifies the visibility of your website in search engine results pages (SERP) and brings out more online traffic to your platform.

We empower you with the best SEO courses and training in Pune. We teach you innumerable things within a decided span of time. We also deliver you with additional knowledge to advance your SEO course. Our helping hands are constantly extended for you. Our SEO training institute is the best and promising platform for you.

How does SEO work?

Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo want to provide only the best pages to their users when they search a particular thing. The most relevant and high quality content is only served to the user. Wondering how all this works?

This search engines make use of bots that crawl all the websites and keep collecting data from multiple sites and indexing them accordingly. Now the algorithm that is designed ranks these pages depending upon many factors that are taken into consideration. This is how which page should appear first when searched and which should appear successively is decided.

Hence, if you want your websites to come first then SEO training is the best to increase traffic on the website and get known over large masses of customers.

What is the need of SEO?

SEO  has now become an important aspect of marketing strategy. There are numerous ways by which you can increase traffic on your website viz. by social media promotion and many more but still doing it through search engines is helpful to gain high ranking to the websites and cognizance among other competitive websites. Some of potential reasons for the need of SEO are listed below:

  • It helps you build your brand name. When you design your content, you should create it by keeping in mind  what your customers might be wanting. By doing this and using particular keywords you can garner a lot of customers or say visitors to your website.
  • When you optimize your website, it earns a lot more traffic then imagined. This increase in traffic is finally going to give you more customers and leads.
  • Biggest advantage of SEO is that it does not require you to pay for ads.
  • It is said that 62% of people turn to search engines when looking for new products and services, thus having keywords that customers generally search for embedded in your content makes your website more visible to the clients and gain high rankings.

Pune has become the Tech capital of India with all the MNC’s having their abode in Pune. With increase in such companies opportunities for jobs are also increasing. One can take an SEO training course and seek the best job suitable for them. Let’s talk about SEO training centres in Pune.

Looking at the increase in digitization in the world companies are going to need more SEO experts. If you are interested and want to make a career in SEO than you’ve come to the right place. SEO training can be taken from SEO training institute in Pune which offers various modules for overall coverage of the subject. 

We are going to discuss about who can join SEO and how this training can help you shape your career. 

Who can join SEO training?

Anyone and everyone who has knowledge about how to use internet and wants to do something for their own can join this training. There is no need for any previous technical knowledge or such background. People from various backgrounds can join such as:

  • Students
  • Freshers
  • Digital Marketing Experts
  • People who want to optimize their website.
  • Web Developers and Programmers
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • Marketing Consultants etc.


We provide an in-depth Advanced SEO course for participants in Pune

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SEO Course Content

  • What are Search
  • Engines and Basics?
  • How do Search
  • Engines work?
  • Popular Search Engines.
  • Crawlers / Spiders
  • Visibility on Search Engines
  • Link Building
  • Article Submission
  • Classified Submission
  • Broken Link Building
  • Press Release
  • Resource Link Building
  • Technical SEO fundamentals
  • Site structure and Navigation
  • Rendering and Indexing
    Duplicate Content
  • Page speed
    Tips and Tricks
  • Website Speed
  • Cache Plugins
  • Silo structure
  • Understanding Keywords
  • Keyword Strategies
  • Inserting Your Keywords
  • Finding Awesome Keywords for Your Business
  • Types of Keywords
  • Keywords intenet
  • LSI Keywords
  • Introduction To Local SEO
  • Local SEO Ranking Factors
  • Trust Flow
  • Check Your Local Rankings
  • Google Local Search
  • Google My Business Pages
  • Cleaning Up Old Listings
  • Create A Google Review Strategy
  • NAP
  • SEO Audit
  • Competitors Analysis
  • Optimize For UX Signals
  • Website Architecture
  • Site Audit Tool
  • Panda
  • Penguin
  • Hummingbird
  • RankBrain
  • Bert
  • Core Updates
  • Understand the Google Webmaster Guidelines
  • Registering Website for Search Console
  • How to submit the sitemap to Google search console
  • Analyze your existing keyword performance
  • Understand Google Analytics
  • Behaviour Elements
  • Audience Elements
  • Filtering Data
  • Goals
  • Segments
  • Building reports
  • Ahrefs
  • Semrush
  • Moz
  • Copyscape
  • SEranking
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Keyword Everywhere
  • GTmetrix
  • Page Speed InsightTop SEO Tools
  • Interview Preparation Guidance
  • Self Confidence
  • Practical Training

SEO Tools Which you will learn

Why should one take SEO training

While setting up a business, the way one needs to take care of the marketing aspect the same way when you have a website you must take care of the optimization aspect too. Special skill set is needed for promoting and growing business online. 

Training in SEO will teach you SEO techniques to improve website rankings and divert more traffic towards your website. It also teaches how to convert just visitors to  potential customers hence creating more sales and profitability.

Training in SEO also teaches you to make use of all modern range of SEO and marketing tools to best optimize your website and generate more and more traffic towards it.

It will also teach how to optimize your content and photos, On and Off page optimization techniques and the structure of the website to maximize search appearances and get online exposure.

Also, while searching people generally make use of specific keywords; so how to use those in your content to appear in maximum searches is also learnt from SEO training.

Benefits of SEO.

While SEO has become fundamental of Digital Marketing as there are billions of searches taking place every minute on the internet. This has called for most optimized websites and content in order to stay strong in this fast pacing search world.

Here are some benefits of incorporating SEO techniques:

  • It garners increased traffic- once you get on the top list of search engine you will get more and more clicks and visits from surfers over the internet.
  • Cost Effective- Here you can know who are exactly your targeted audience and the content can be formed in such a way that it directly hits your desired customers which is far more easier to do than traditional marketing practices.
  • ROI- Every search engine allows you to keep track of your website’s performance and know how the visits have been increased or decreased. So you can always analyze and improve your website’s content or whatever that is hindering your progress.
  • Increase In-Site Utility- SEO makes the website simpler for users and search to navigate by rearranging the links and content of your website architecture making it easier to spot and navigate.
  • Creating Brand Awareness- Getting your websites in the highest ranks in search engines is the guarantee for you that your website will definitely get more visitors and higher impression on surfers.

Why start your SEO training with us?

Why start your SEO training with us?

SEO is the foremost subject of Digital Marketing and almost all digital marketing enthusiasts must know about the working of SEO. SEO Training Institute Pune is the most recognized IT education hub and you can completely rely on it for offering you best training and job opportunities.

SEO focuses on various techniques that can be incorporated to make your search result page highly ranked. At our SEO training institute we have demystified these techniques and teach those techniques such as: Basics of SEO training, How to make use of “Correct” keywords, How to understand the current trend and patterns of industry and How to optimize the website to earn a heavy traffic through all latest techniques and tools.

One can often get confused while choosing the right training institute as there are a lot of them in Pune. But here are some facts that would lure you to choose us and let us help you with underlining your career.

  • We have the best in class facilities for students so that they can learn effectively and in a sanctimonious environment.
  • We have designed our course such that it covers everything from the scratch till  the advanced level so that you do not miss out on anything.
  • We provide live websites for you to work on so that you have the exact industry experience.
  • We provide 24×7 support to you via our mentors who are always ready to answer any of your queries.
  • While the course is designed as per industry standard, we offer it at most affordable rates so that each and everyone can take the advantage.
  • Lastly, we provide 100% placement and internship assistance to all the students on successful completion of the course.

Why should you choose our SEO training in Pune? straight answer is we empower you with the best SEO training in Pune.

We provide you with a precise and detailed SEO course in Pune within a decided span of time. We amass numerous plans and packages just for you. You may choose a Lite, Pro or Premium plan on the basis of your requirements and needs. All the packages come at a very affordable range. 

With 10 years of experience, our professionals and faculties will surely guide you in the most optimum and organised way. It ensures 100% placement guarantee to you. It doesn’t really matter whether you are a beginner or not, our cutting edge technology and way of teaching will not only expand your skills but also ensure you a bright future in this career path.

Either you can join us via online classes or you can enlist yourself in one-on-one interaction classroom courses. We have flexible time slots for you and classes are mainly held on weekends. Anyhow, if you skip any of your classes then you can attend that lost station again. Whenever you come up with any doubt, our experts will clarify them within a finger snap. 

On top of that, we provide you 24*7 live chat facility. You can contact us whenever you feel so either via live chat or email. Free demo classes are available for you. You can go through them anytime and can prefer your package accordingly. We also ensure you a 100% money-back guarantee if our inputs do not satisfy the height of your requirements.

Long story short, enrol yourself in our SEO training institute in Pune promptly. Not only your skills will develop but also our professionals will frame your abilities in the best possible way.

What makes our institute better than others?

We have skilled faculties with 10+ years of experience. We provide you with a detailed and precise course. Flexible time slots are available for you and classes are held on weekends. Our way of teaching ensures 100% placement guarantee. 

Our competent professionals provide theory as well as practical classes. On top of that, our free demo classes will give you a brief idea regarding our way of teaching. Even if you miss any class, you can retrieve that particular session too. You will get a detailed insight into the course with additional basic aspects. 

At the end of the session, if it does not meet up your expectations and requirements, then we ensure you with a 100% money-back guarantee. In case if you have any query and doubt, you are just a message away from our experts. 24*7 hours customer service is available at your doorstep.

What jobs you can expect after getting trained for SEO?

Everyone does something keeping in mind how will it help them. So when you are a trained expert in SEO training you would definitely be looking for job opportunities. So here are some positions you can work on and of course other than the listed one’s you would have several other opportunities; because as the say “Sky’s the Limit”.

  • Digital Marketer
  • Digital Business Consultant 
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Content Marketer
  • SEO Manager and much more.

So, if you are interested in making a career as SEO expert in todays digital world then this is he right budget friendly course for you which will cover A-Z of Search Engine Optimization(SEO) training and give you a wide pathway ahead for kickstarting your career and make thousands of dollars.

If you are interested and want to join the course, ping us today itself and we will get back to you soon.


  • Online Marketing Course is one of the Best institute  Got to learn many things. The best part is they provide 100% job assistance. Sachin sir is one of the best faculty for SEO.

    Sarthak Chaturvedi

  • Online Marketing Course is one of the best known institute for Digital Marketing in India. This is a great focused training on current foundational concepts and technical issues. The instructor did a great job tying the concepts together with the tool features. 

    Rahul Singh

  • I would highly recommend this Course to everyone. SEO is such an important factor for business success. It can make or brake your company. Anyone that owns a business or works on websites should attend to at least get the basic understanding of why it is so important.

    Ankit Patil

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