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Are you looking for design courses in Pune to deepen your understanding of best UX/UI design course in Pune, design thinking, cellular UI design, UX design and tool, interaction designs and much more, then we welcome all as our outstanding courses will provides you with the productive, results-oriented training you need to get the job done. Our unique program prepares you for the world of work through productivity-focused learning.

As a pioneers in designing education in India, we offer certified courses in UX/UI design, designing thinking, mobile UI/UX design, UI designs and tools and IxD (interaction designs).

As India’s leading UX/UI design courses in Pune, We’ve also partnered with major corporations to provide training for their employees. With the perfect training and mentorship, our students can become agents of innovations and changes, building their mindsets and expertize to stand out in the design industries.

Why is the Growth of the Current Design Profession Relevant?

Our design program in Pune helps college students develop the knowledge and experience to become future leaders in any career {industry} through UI design, UX design and tool, interaction designs with creative problem solving. In the post-Covid-19 scenario, you can create your own cost-effective options with certification courses like Design Thinking, Cell UX Designing course, UX/UI design course fees in Pune, IxD (interaction design) course, Consumer Analytics, etc.

UI/UX design degree course in collaboration with 18 university across India offer industry oriented courses to college students to get high paying quality jobs in leading companies. By taking these course, student and working professional can confidently takes the next step and gain the necessary knowledge in various fields of life.

After completing our UX/UI design course in Pune, you are likely to accelerate your careers trajectories to take advantage of the growing trend {industry} towards digital services and improved consumer experience.

What is Design Thinking?

Today world is becoming increasingly an interconnected and complexed. As UX design, you need to developed and refined your expertise to understood and adapt to the rapidly changing moods and habits of your customers.

This is where designing thinking come in, as you understand your customers and look at methods and options. This helps you observe and resonate more with your target market.

┬áDesigned thinking also provide a solution-based approaches to problem solving. It’s a way of thinking as well as the working with strategies.

UI UX Syllabus

  • Understanding Business Requirements
  • Understanding User Research Techniques
  • Conducting Stakeholder Interview
  • Competitive Research
  • Define Persona and Scenarios
  • Empthy Mapping
  • Focus Groups
  • User Interview
  • Contextual Enquiry
  • Card Sorting
  • Navigation and Sitemap
  • Task Flow & Story Boarding
  • User Journey
  • Paper Prototyping
  • Preparing Low and High fidelity Prototypes
  • Creating Clickable Prototypes
  • Responsive Design Techniques
  • Visual Design Techniques and Principles
  • Grids, Typography and Color theory
  • Style Guiding
  • Understanding Design Trends, UI Frameworks, Standards
  • Testing your prototype with users
  • Heuristics Evaluation
  • Usability Testing
  • Web Accessibility
  • Analytics Review
  • Understanding Mobile Concept
  • Mobile Platforms
  • Designing for Native, Hybrid and Web Applications
  • Designing for Android and iOS
  • Mobile Design Patterns (Navigation, Forms, Tables, Search, Sort & Filter, Tools, Charts etc…)
  • Understand Mobile Sizes and Icon sizes
  • Sketching/Paper Prototype (Practical and Exercise)
  • Wireframe (Project2 – Mobile application)
  • Mobile Design Techniques, guidelines and standards
  • Latest Trends
  • Sketching/Paper Prototype (Practical and Exercise)
  • Wireframe (Project2 – Mobile application)
  • Design Tools (Sketch, Adobe XD, Invision, Axure)
  • Mobile App
  • Web Application – Responsive
  • IOT Application
  • TV App
  • Fundamentals of Design
  • Principles of Design
  • Visual Communication
  • Empathy & User Study
  • Ethnography & People Design
  • Service Design
  • Design Thinking
  • Information & Data Study
  • Design Principles
  • Studio Materials
  • Drawing-I
  • History I (Civilization & Technology)
  • Visualization and representation
  • Culture, Cinema, and Media-I
  • Design Principles
  • Drawing-II
  • History II (Civilization, Culture & Society)
  • Research & Documentatio
  • Introduction to computer and internet
  • Drawing & sketching, fine arts, commercial arts
  • Computer graphics and illustrator
  • Communication skills
  • Story writing, storytelling & storyboarding
  • Photoshop
  • Visual communication
  • Digital audio and sound forge
  • 3-Dimensional Animation
  • VFX certification courses
  • Digital film making
  • Graphic design and Multimedia

Why Take a UX/UI Design Course in Pune?

As India’s leading UX/UI design courses in Pune,

Development and Options.

With the expansion of the market and the desire for services, the demands for skilled and modern UI/UX college designers is increasing

The emergence of designing centrality

The growing demand for UI/UX course in Pune, or rather the evolution of UI/UX classes in Pune, has led to the creation of many designing-based organizations that seek to improve the consumer experience,

Opportunities for innovations and creativity

UX/UI designs is an ideal career choice for you as it allows you to get into the thoughts of your clients, find common ground with them and offer them something that is out of ordinary.

Markets demand

According to the current online survey, the UI/UX of any group can increase the conversion rate up to 400%.

UX/UI designs is on the rise

Most companies that are growing globally in industry such as technology, fintech, logistics and IT/ITES have UX/UI designer. According to an internet report, the typical starting salary of a UX/UI designer in India reaches 6.9 LPA

6. Deliver great experiences on digital platforms

When one have the ability to be creative and savvy, you can create things that people will love. UI/UX designers have the ability to create products that improve the lives of many people.

Student Feedback

Feedback is an essential part of learning, but not all of it is productive

I did an internship with them and they were absolutely helpful. I learnt a great deal about digital marketing and things. Their services are also very good.

UI/UX courses in Pune

Jonathan Morgan

My experience was good because I have been working overthere for 3 months and it was amazing for me

UI/UX courses in Pune

sarthak chaturvedi

Great service & training by Sachin Patil Sir.

UI/UX courses in Pune

Sourabh Wagh

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